Spring/Summer Workshops – 8 and older

10 Minute Workshops – 6 and Older

  • $40 – Christmas Ornament
  • $45 – Leaf

20 Minute Workshops- 8 and Older

  • $55 Workshops
    • Flowers & Paperweights (Round, Heart, Egg)
  • $60 Workshops
    • Business Card Holder
    • Double Shot Glass
    •  Ice Cream Bowl
    • Dragon/Easter Egg
  • $70 Workshops
    • Glassware (Wine, Cocktail, Pilsner, Water Glass)
    • Pumpkins
    • Mushrooms
    • Cat
    • Bunny
    • Fish
    • Jellyfish Paperweight
  • $75 Workshops
    • Ghosts
    • Big Wavy Bowl
    • Hummingbird Feeder
    • Small Vase
  • $95 Workshops
    • Beer Mug
    • Olive Oil Bottle
    • Sea Turtle

40 Minutes Workshops- 15 and Older

  • $175 – Large Vase

Glassblowing workshops allow you to participate in the making of a work of art using 2000-degree glass. From picking out your artwork and the colors, to applying the color to the hot glass and melting it in, to shaping the glass with various tools, or blowing it to its final shape; you get to be a part of it all. The glass does have to cool overnight and would be ready to pick up the following day. Shipping options are available. 

Glassblowing is hot!! With that being said, natural fiber clothing and closed toed shoes are highly recommended, along with pulling long hair back. We welcome children 8 and older to participate in any of the workshops, 6 and older for Christmas ornaments or sun-catchers. You may book by yourself or with a group. It is one person at a time so just pay attention to how long each workshop takes so you know how much time you will be spending in the hotshop. Large groups (maximum of 10 is recommended) are welcome to bring in snacks or other games as well. 

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